Friday, May 8, 2009

SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa AidiLFiTri 2008

This Hari Raya has its own meaning. Thank you ALLAH for giving us an opportunity to celebrate this Hari Raya together. At this time I was 9th months pregnant. I am so lucky because I ve been given a chance to eat ayam masak kicap (Javaneese called it sumur), lontong, sambal taun (mmm yum,yum) and so many more before I go for confinement. Supppose 5th Oct 2008 was my due but, with ALLAH's blessing, I delivered Umar Mukhtar on 08.10.2008. What a nice date huh!

Fatin Nur Afirah, Umar Mukhtar & Babah... I luv you so much! Million or thousand times to say that I luv all of you so much. Thank you ALLAH for giving me such a great Nikmat!

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